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Here at Adventure Funding Group our funds are based off daily cash flow and not on your credit scores. We realize often small business owners are in a difficult position to find fast funding for when opportunities or challenges present themselves. We specialize in one main category, Merchant Cash Advances, to provide every business owner a customized financial plan. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of funds that we would be able to acquire for you as we have funded 250Million in the last 5 Years.  We specialize in B-F paper with terms of 40-120 Business Days!  We are a ISO driven company which means we work hand and hand with brokerage shops to provide a customized pre-approval offers that satisfies the merchant’s need for working capital but as-well as taking care of our brokerage shops with hefty commissions on each deal!

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We are a direct funding house that specializes in same day funding. We lead the industry with a 89.2% same day Funding rate. We unlike most funding houses do not require collateral as all of our funds are unsecured and Uncollateralized. here at adventure Funding Group we are dedicated to providing a simple and stress free funding process as all of our agents and representatives are highly trained to take care of all of your needs. 



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